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A woman today may face a lot of opposition to taking a prolife stance, whether it's in the form of a college professor who will fail her if she admits to her prolife views, a workplace where she must keep out of political discussion or risk being branded a possibly dangerous fanatic, or a boyfriend who is pressuring her to abort their child. It is true that in some communities, a prolife woman may find support for her views, especially from churches and other religious organizations. However, in other places, a prolife woman may find herself called a traitor to her sex, a brainwashed zealot, or worse. For the more non-traditional prolifer - a political liberal, an atheist or agnostic, a pagan, a prolife feminist - support may be even more scarce and sometimes violent criticism even more common. It is simply not true that there is no violence or "intolerance" on the pro-choice side of this issue. If you're a prolife woman, you probably already know that.

This site exists to give women a place to tell their stories, express their views, and educate themselves on matters pertinent to the prolife cause. We all need to be aware that we represent the pro-life cause - we represent the unborn - in whatever we do. It is important that every prolife woman be an informed, intelligent, rational spokeswoman for her cause.

It also exists to counter the very pervasive pro-abortion message our culture feeds to women. To see what I mean, scroll down and click on "Abortion on the Internet". Go visit NARAL's web site. It's elegant, artistic, intelligently written. In short, it's appealling. Lately, NARAL has been putting advertisements on television, in much the same style as their web site. Their message is clear -- pro-abortion is pro-woman; pro-life (or as they say, anti-choice) is just about controlling women. All women are pro-choice. To be pro-choice is to be tolerant, educated, intelligent - to be beautiful and elegant and appealling like the women on their site.

The reality is, there is nothing pretty, elegant, or 'tolerant' about abortion or abortion rights. Not all attractive, intelligent, educated women are pro-choice. Prolife views are not anti-woman; the rather unattractive truth is that abortion exploits women as well as kills children. That view doesn't get much press, unfortunately; NARAL's message does.

In fact, there are lots of prolife women out there, and it's important that we advertise not just our cause, but ourselves. Young girls need to see that they don't have to just accept abortion as a reality in their lives; they need to see that strong, intelligent women can and do oppose abortion and stand up for prenatal rights. They need to see that respecting life makes them good and worthwhile people, not fanatics. They need real role-models who are every bit as appealling as those false faces presented by the pro-abortion side.

And grown women who are prolife need to be reassured that we are such people. We are role-models for young girls, we are a powerful voice in politics, we are standing up for human rights and life in a culture that is fast losing its respect for both. It can be challenging for a woman to remain true to her prolife convictions, and we need daily affirmation that we're better people for doing it. We can and do make a difference.

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