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I was only 16 years old when I became pregnant. My boyfriend was only 19 years old. I was still in high school, my senior year. I was going to graduate in only 9 months. Not the best of situations.

So my boyfriend worked extra hours and saved up enough money to have an abortion. It was legal for me to do this even at the young age of 16 without my parents permission. We found the best clinic around, it also cost the most, but only the best for us!! The day was set for the day before Halloween. They were very nice on the phone. The morning we left I did something I had not done in quite sometime, I prayed to God. I asked him to "help me through this".

When we got there they asked us if we wanted counceling, I said I did. When we went back there they showed me the instruments they would be using and all they would say is how awful it would be at this time if we chose to have a baby. They informed me that there was nothing to it, they would just clean out the inside of my uterus. They never called it a baby. They made it clean I had no "CHOICE". They told me after the procedure they would put me in a room for juice and cookies and then I could go home.

When I went in the next room there was a long hallway. I had to stand in line for the next room available. When they finally put me in the room I laid on the bed and saw the two jars with a machine attached to it that would suck my baby out of me. When the doctor came in, she saw that I was upset and asked the nurse to give me some medication. When she did, I went into a coma kind of state and I didn't even know it but I told them not to do it.

The next thing I remember is them slapping me in the face telling me to shut up, I was scaring the other girls. They put me in the recovery room with the others who had had their abortions, I assumed they had done mine. Next thing I remember is them taking me back to the front they told me they would only give me half of my money back, and that is when I realized I still was carrying my child. They were so awful. NO compassion, no love in that clinic. No one can convience me that they are not in it for the money. It makes me sick to hear the pro-choice women tell of the wonderful people they are at the clinics. This is only the case if you are willing to abort.

My baby is now 15 years old and I thank God everyday he "helped me through it". I married my boyfriend and I won't say it has been easy, but I will say it was worth it!

Exactly 13 years after I tried to abort my son I lost my 5th baby on the exact day. When I lost my baby at only 7 weeks it was very painful. It was amazing how the Lord also used that to help me understand how he feels about the unborn. Just the day before I lost the baby I had asked the doctors to do an ultrasound because I knew there was something wrong. They took a picture of my baby, she seemed fine (I feel the Lord told me it was a girl, we of course did not know she was too small). The very next day October 30, the exact day I attempted to abort Christopher, I lost my baby.

This was God's way of reminding me of how much of a person our babies are at that age. Christopher was even older at 11 weeks.

There is even one more point I would like to make. After the loss of my baby they had to have a pathologist examine her to make a report, this is a "death doctor". For them to look at something wouldn't you say it first had to be alive?? Sounds like to me that is a real life in there!!

One of my babies is in heaven with our father after all, but not because I murdered it. THANK YOU JESUS!!