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'The ProLife Woman' will publish true personal stories and editorials by prolife women, relating to prolife issues. All submissions should be emailed to, with subject heading "prolife story" or "prolife editorial". Your story or editorial can be submitted:

- as a plain text email.

- as a file attachment in MicroSoft Word document format.

- as a file attachment in text format.

Stories and editorials do not have to relate directly to pregnancy or abortion, though such works are welcome. Anything that happened to you that is relevant to your prolife stance is fair game for a personal story. Any prolife issue, from prenatal rights to feminism to discrimination against prolifers in the workplace to related causes like animal rights or chastity, is open for editorial comment. If you want to write about how the death of your pet made you realize the value of life, go for it. If you want to rant about how prolifers should be vegan, I want to hear it. If you're annoyed that your philosophy grade suffered because of your prolife views, this is the place to vent! Be creative!

I will edit for grammar (checking spelling, putting commas and periods in the right places, cropping run-on sentences) to make your work more readable if necessary. Don't be intimidated if you feel your writing is not up to par; your story or opinion is still worth sharing and I'll be happy to help you with the technicalities of writing it. Good writing that needs no editing is always appreciated, of course.

If you do not want your work edited at all, it must be clear and readable, using reasonably correct grammar, or it will not be published.

'The ProLife Woman' supports free speech and will not edit for content or language, but please be reasonable. Pornographic material or anything that advocates hate or violence will not be published. I support your right to post such materials on the internet, but they are not appropriate for this site.

Any story you submit must be your own personal experience, and must be your own writing. You may not write about someone else without their permission; you may not submit someone else's writing without giving them credit. If you're submitting work as a true personal story or journalistic account, please, please, make sure it is true! There is a section on this site for fiction; if you want to express yourself imaginatively, that is the place for it.