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To start with, I am a nineteen year old mother of a beautiful three month old baby boy. Yes, I am a religious person...but that is not my sole reason for being pro-life. I don't believe anyone needs to be in order to have compassion. Life is precious, period.

When I got pregnant many of my hopes and dreams came crashing down around me. What about school? What will my family think? My mom suggested abortion, my father suggested adoption, and my son's father and I decided we would get married and keep the baby. It would be hard, but fortunately we loved each other and vowed to support each other through these hard times.

As my belly got bigger and my heart pounded harder with thoughts of a little life totally dependent on me, I never doubted my decision, not because things were working out with his father and I, but because a little life was growing inside of me. I was a mother from the moment of conception, responsible for someone tiny and helpless without me.

Since my baby was born I have had so many "life checks" where I thought about all I was missing and then it hits me every time...'but look at all I got in return'. I did not decide to put this baby up for adoption because I just couldn't. He had too much love from our entire family from the get go, but even if I had, at least he had a chance.

I stare at that little boy every day and am awed and amazed that that little angel was inside me, and now he will go on to live. What a beautiful thing. I have never confronted my mother with the question of whether or not she regrets the notion of me having an abortion...but I'm sure after seeing that little guy the idea would nauseate her.

Thank God for tough decisions and hidden blessings!!!!

-Tanya, 1998