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First Journey is the end result of about a year and a half worth of research. I began searching for information on human prenatal development purely for my own education. However, I quickly discovered that such information was hard to come by on the Internet. Pictures, especially of very early development, were most notably lacking. I feel that prenatal development -- like most things -- is best understood when it is seen as well described.

So, I decided to create this website.

I have sincerely endeavored to obey all copyright laws with reguards to the pictures on this site. As I understand it, the use of no more than ten copyrighted photographs from a single source, presented in an educational setting, with documentation, is permissable under the 'fair use' clause. If I have misdocumented any photograph, I apologize, and would appreciate being sent the correct reference.

Obviously, a project like this does not take place in a vacuum, and lots of people helped me with this both directly and indirectly. Thanks to Adria for advice, the use of her scanner, and an explanation of copyright law, and to Adria's friend Chuck for helping me get the bugs out of the HTML. Thank you to Dr. Howard Berthold at Lycoming College for help with research. Thanks to my dad for general help in web authoring, design, and life in general.

For general support and occassional constructive criticisms, thank you to Ryan, Gillian, the entire ProLife Women's Mailing List (you know who you are), and Ms. Pat Toner for encouraging me.

And, of course, special thanks to Sharon, for comments, criticisms, opposing viewpoints, shoulders to cry on, fish, turtles, and other assorted inside jokes -- and generally keeping me sane. I don't think I could have survived this past year and half, much less created any websites, without you.

- S. Lynne Volkhardt

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The author and best friend, at graduation -- that's me on the right, Sharon's on the left. :)