Feminism is based on the principle that women have innate worth, inalienable rights, and valuable ideas and talents to contribute to society. True feminism goes beyond mere equality -- insists not only that women be given equal rights with men, but that they be respected for themselves as well. In addition, feminism has always been about more than just women's rights. The same individuals who were key figures in the early women's rights movement were also influential abolitionists, fighters for workers and children's rights, and reformers at all levels of government. At the heart of the women's rights movement has always been the idea that each individual has certain innate rights; that each individual is a valuable, contributing member of society.

The terms 'ProLife' and 'Feminist' tend to be viewed as opposing. But, considering the basic ethic of the value of all individuals that feminism is based on, there is nothing contradictory about a pro-woman, pro-prenatal rights stance. In fact, most early feminists, such as Susan B. Anthony, were strongly and vocally pro-life. Both supporting women's rights and opposing abortion uphold the standard that every individual is deserving of respect.

ProLife, ProWoman Ideas and Information

Why ProLife is ProWoman: A short essay on feminism and abortion 'rights,' with statistics concerning the reasons why women abort.
Why ProLife?: A list of pro-choice arguments and pro-life responses, with information on prenatal development (see argument 5.)
ProLife Perspectives: Links to other pro-life sites
The Other Side: What some pro-choice organizations have to say about prolifers.
ProLife Discussion Message Board: A place for pro-life women to exchange ideas. *Not a debate board.*
Prenatal Learning and Awareness: A short paper on the mental abilities of the unborn, with bibliography and links to some sources.
Save the Baby Humans Foundation: An informative pro-life site with a great list of links.
First Journey: Human Development from Conception to Birth: A comprehensive, illustrated guide to prenatal development, created by the author of this ProLife Feminism site. :)

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